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in ot〓her countries. An○d they are unabl○e to accept the U○nited States○ being overta●ken in any■ of these fields.Des◆pite being a late◆comer in sci◆entific and techn〓ological deve●lopment, China ha◆s leaped ahead to be○come a leading pl○ayer i

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n many f〓ields thanks○ to its co○ntinuous efforts to● innovate over ○the past 40〓 years. Huawei is〓 a world-leader w■hen it comes to t◆he number of 5●G technology pa○tents. DJI,○ the world's 〓biggest drone m●aker, holds 70 p○ercent of t●h

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e global consu◆mer and commerc●ial drone marke◆t. CRRC has bec■ome the world's la○rgest manufactu○rer of railway p●assenger vehic■les. And Hikvision ●is now a w◆orld-leading provid●er of security and s○afety equipmen◆t, with its prod●ucts and solutio〓ns adopted◆ in over 150 count●ries across ●the


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ngly, SAIL will s●erve as the vital c〓on

nector for Ca●meroon's future■ and path to prosper●ity.
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e dwa〓rfed by American bu〓llyingChina's co◆
mpanies won't be dwa◆rfed by American bu●llying05-23-2019 ●10:12 BJTThe ○United States i〓s taking aim■ at Chinese ent◆e
rprises after tra●de tensions esca●lated bet
ween Washin●gton and Beijin○g about tw○o weeks ago.A■fter imposing t●rade restrictio〓ns on China○'s leading tech ◆firm
Huawei, this we○ek the United Stat◆es gover
nme●nt issued ●a warning 〓that Chinese-m●ade drones 〓could pose a cyber-e○spionage risk○ to American b■usinesses. Th〓
ough it didn't me■ntion a specific〓 company,
the S◆henzhen-bas〓ed market-lead〓er DJI is wi〓dely believed to b■e the target. ■Washington is◆ also considerin○g blac
klist■ing the Chinese ●surveillance t○echno
logy company◆ Hikvision and bloc■king it from purcha○si
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